Just a quickie: Heavy traffic today

Just a very quick post to note that the traffic into, and out of Wattayah is crazy today. Expect to add 20-30 minutes to your drive between MQ and Wattayah currently. The Qurum Heights road is also affected as well as more people try to divert this way. The old wadi road from behind Sultan Centre to Wattayah is closed too (I don't know how long it's been closed for but when I tried this morning it was closed)!

I understand that there is some sort of recruitment drive taking place at the ROP stadium which is causing the traffic problems today - so if you can avoid going to Wattyah, or Qurum for a lesser part - do so today!

Apparently sections of the Muscat Expressway have been closed today for renovation works as well, but I'm not sure where.

A fun day on the roads today!

le fin.
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