Maz Jobrani coming back to Muscat

On Thursday afternoon it broke on Facebook that Alive Events are bringing Maz Jobrani the comedian back for another show. This one is going to be Thursday 11 December at the Shangri-La ballroom, and tickets are RO 15.

They'll be on sale from tomorrow, in all the usual outlets (Hi FM studios, Mackenzies Cafe, Bose store QCC, Connexions store MCC). I went to the last Maz Jobrani show at the Crowne Plaza and laughed hard, I had a great time, that guy is pretty funny. You can check out some of his jokes by clicking this link.

Well worth going!

More soon.

le fin.
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Anonymous said...

Sorry to post a different subject but can someone explain to me why Oman blocks Skype but allows other video services? From what I heard and this needs some more info, that they block Skype and hunt down people who use it because it reduces income for Telecom providers. Things like this confuse me

Anonymous said...

Just put your head down and keep it to yourself... shhhh... keep it down... don't ask questions like this or you'll be considered a traitor... lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Anons! I asked some officials that same question and they didn't have an answer. They also tried to avoid it instead of being helpful. Maybe someone else here can be helpful.

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