Feeney's Irish bar re-opens tonight

Oman's original Irish bar, Feeney's, is re-opening this evening from 6pm. The management had their license renewed yesterday and they're open for business tonight, and there is a happy hour between 6 and 8pm to boot. The happy hour gives you a 10% discount on prices, which is always nice!

You can check out their facebook page here, that has a little bit more information on them.

I highly recommend the Irish stew (if they haven't changed the recipe)!

le fin.
Feeney's Irish bar re-opens tonight Feeney's Irish bar re-opens tonight Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

I wonder what happened to the debate about Alcohol laws. They might as well regulate cannabis too! heheh

Anonymous said...

Yah there are proven uses for medical marijuana

Anonymous said...

Alcohol doesn't solve problems, but then again…. neither does milk! :)

Jet Driver

Anonymous said...

Oman is supposed to be an Islamic country but doesn't look like it. There are only pockets of Islam which is sad.

Anonymous said...

It's called multi-culturism . Isn't that best, allowing people to live their own lives and try to respect others. If we want to force everyone to be the same lets go to Saudi

Anonymous said...

There could possibly be a contradiction when mentioning respect and then insulting Saudis.

Besides that, multi-culturalism does tie into this conversation but why stop there. We would have to bring in other topics such as politics, economics, and sociology to name a few. Because of that, this is neither the time or place to do so.

In addition, what one person experiences is different from the reality of another person. Which one is the truth? My suggestion is to leave it up to time to answer this question.

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