What the? Times of Oman does something good!

Reading the national papers here in Oman can quite often be more entertaining than informing, but I've noticed a gradual improvement from the Times of Oman in recent months, first their facebook page got an overhaul with updates of filed news stories throughout the day, and now recently, I think the first one I saw was maybe last week but who knows when they started, the ToO have started releasing these 90 second video news updates on their top stories of the day.

Here's todays one:

I mean, apart from the weird branded music, I think it's actually pretty good, and certainly a step in the right direction for a local paper. From some googling it looks like there's a new editor that took over at the start of this year for the ToO... perhaps he's having an impact. Nice to see anyway.

Speaking of the headline for today though, with all the car accidents here, I find it staggering that not 1 single organ transplant has taken place here in Oman. That's staggering!

Whilst on the topic of organ transplants, there's a blood drive this Thursday on the 2nd of October between 1pm and 6pm at the Safety Technical Services Co. LTD Ghubra branch if you click this link it'll take you to a location map to the venue.

So anyway - what do you think could be done to promote organ transplants here in Oman? And what about the ToO - do you think it's gotten any better?

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What the? Times of Oman does something good! What the? Times of Oman does something good! Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, September 29, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. Plenty of brain dead people here unfortunately most are drivin Lexus

  2. Plenty of brain dead people here, unfortunately most are behind the wheel of a Lexus

  3. The new editor shouts at his staff and has lowered the morale of those who work at the paper.

  4. It shows in Times of Oman news reports anyway... at first i trusted them but later realized what they were talking about did not conform entirely to the reality. Which is why i can forgive blogs like this who don't block comments and who speak to us on a human level if muscat mutterings happens to make an error. Things like that.


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