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There is a new facebook group focussing on restaurant reviews and experiences for people right here in Muscat. The group, Oman Restaurant Review, started up on the 18th August 2014, and now at the end of September, there are over 3,100 members already. Thats pretty impressive, and I think this group is going to expand and expand.

Now, the glory of it is, it's an open forum for people to share their experiences, and owners to communicate with these people to try and improve their offerings. It's always hard doing restaurtant reviews here on ze blog because half the time I'm invited and comped the meal, which aside from not paying, always makes it hard to really gauge the place because you receive special treatment. But I do occasionally do reviews... and in almost every instance, its been from a time when I've paid for the meal myself.

But this fb group is great, because it's people sharing their meals all the time, from all over the city. With pictures and times and places so everyone can see. Sometimes the reviews are great, sometimes they are not, and sometimes when they are not, the owners comment back. Which is refreshing to see, because in a very recent review of a restaurant, which was not positive at all, the owner took full responsibility, offered a full refund and opened an investigation into his kitchen staff to find out what went wrong. Right here, in Muscat - and all thanks to the fb group Oman Restaurant Review.

Go check it out, I think it's great!

le fin.
Oman Restaurant Review Oman Restaurant Review Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. They are great! though I must say that it’s so busy and updated regularly that I am getting tired of seeing it on my newsfeeds.

    Maybe time to adjust the notification settings.

  2. Because of this group, I can't enjoy my meals right away. I spend about 5 minutes sitting next to my meal just watching it while my wife snaps pictures and urges me to get out of the way.

  3. Good news.
    As long as these reviews are independent and not paid for editorials.
    Seems most "reviews" in newspapers and magazines here seem to be way to complementay. No wonder, since the hotels and restaurants are mostly owned by the same people / families as the newspapers.....


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