Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's been rumored for ages, but I've finally heard that it is confirmed that BBC World Service will commence English broadcasting in Muscat and the surrounding area from late next week on 103.2FM. BBC World Service Arabic will be broadcast on 89.8FM at the same time as well (it is already available in Salalah on 93.5FM according to the BBC website).

Well that's pretty exciting news for some of us!

le fin.


Jemma said...

Thanks for this great news! :-)

Anonymous said...

It would have been ever better news if the World Service hadn't been through 10 years of dumbing down. They still broadcast some excellent programmes (notably documentaries and classics like FOOC) but getting on for half of their programming is now taken up with embarrassing, cheap, time-filling rubbish like "World Have Your Say". Very sad.


Anonymous said...

Down here in Salalah 93.5 FM is and Arabic radio channel

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