21st Annual Canadian Stampede

It's back again, Muscat's best outdoor party that's been running for 21 years - the Canadian Stampede which is held at the PDO club on Friday March 14th this year. The party starts from 7:30pm and features the following:

Grand prize of a trip for 2 to the 2014 Calgary Stampede, and many other prizes on offer
Golden Garter Shooter Saloon (previous party guests will know all about this)
Western style buffet
2 live bands and a professional DJ supported by concert quality sound and light
Live line dancing instruction to help you join in

Each of the 900 tickets to the event cost RO 20, and if you arrive before 9:30pm you will receive a customized bandana, beer cooler and 3 free welcome drinks.

Extra drinks / shots are RO 1.5 each / water is free.

The party runs from 7:30pm till 2:00am, and tickets sell out every year!

Tickets are on sale at the Ras al Hamra club to members (and they will know about this already because they went on sale this past Sunday). So if you have a friend in the PDO club, tap them up to get you tickets to the best party of the year here in Muscat.

Now, if like me, you spend too much time in the shooter bar before joining in with the line dancing, you can check out this handy video made by Armand, our line dance leader for the last few years.

Line dancing requires more coordination than I can usually muster, but it's really fun when a few hundred people are doing it together, mistakes and all.

If you want to come to this party, but don't have any friends at PDO, drop me an email (address is on the top right hand corner) and I'll see if I can put you in touch with a PDO member with a few tickets spare.

le fin.
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BigManInOman said...

Woop, woop! Got my tickets.

Anonymous said...

hello. Sorry can't find your email address on this page ? Am I missing something? Would like to email you regarding tickets. Cheers.

Sythe said...


It's mrsythe(*at-)gmail(*dot-)com

But the Stampede sold out last week... only took 5 days.

Anonymous said...

What type clothes people wear for this party?

need help :(

Em said...

Really looking forward to it, but couldn't see the line dancing video here, and the link from the tickets said there was a copyright problem in my country!
I expect a couple of trips to the margarita stall will help me find my dancing feet though!

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