Allied Logistics - shipping in Oman

Allied Logistics was formed in Oman in April last year (2013) and is about to complete it's first year of operations. Allied Logistics, like many of their competitors offer well organized and professional relocating services, and have you're house boxed up and shipped in next to no time. They can of course also deliver and unpack your shipment if you're moving here from abroad, or even move your house for you around Oman if, like me, you decided to change your house.

Now, they do this really well, and they offer a great personal and professional service to their clients, but the other services that they offer are very definitely worth while mentioning. Apart from their core business of moving things from A to B (be it your personal effects or an office) and dealing with customs, they also specialize in moving pets, fine art and musical instruments around. So, if you happen to have a dog, a grand piano and an original Monet, these guys can help you. Right here, in Oman.

For more information, Allied Logistics have a website here and a Facebook page here.

They offer a few discounts to Womens Guild of Oman and Muscat Where can I find? members that are:

-10% off all relocation's over 500 OMR
-20% off insurance
-30% off 4 weeks or more storage

There you go.

le fin.
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  1. This site used to be well organized and informing about the events and actions happened in Oman.
    Lately the author perhaps lost inspiration because you find here only paid advertisements.So sad,indeed.

  2. Its hard to find new things to write about all the time, but this is the first paid advert blog post I've run in months.... actually the last time I ran a blog POST for something which I received a perk for was back in August last year, the last time I got paid cash for a blog post was last May.

    Hardly a lot really. The banners are not intrusive, and strictly limited to only one ever at one time.

    I'm sorry you feel that way!

  3. Thank you for posting this.

    As someone who is going to be leaving Oman after close to a decade, it's great to know that there actually are companies out there that can help with moving all the things one acquires and becomes attached to during such a lengthy period of time.

    Especially if that someone who is moving lives in Dhofar and isn't quite in touch with what is or isn't available up in Muscat!

    p.s. To the Anon poster up above - perhaps if there were more events and actions happening, there'd be more inspiration ;) The lack of such things is sad, indeed. Cheers.

  4. Movingfrom 1 office to another may be high priced, stressful and it�s likely that, you may turn out acquiring unsatisfied personnel and clients - that is exactly how difficult and hazardous relocation might get. That is why relocation ought to be thought out thoroughly. Take note of your positives and negatives why you ought to make the move your place of work and examine in the event going would be additional helpful, if you are and then move out! LOL

  5. "it's first year..."
    "you're house..."
    Please - you know better.

  6. Andrew.

    I knew there was a reason I only got a C in my English GCSE's....

    Would you like the role of Chief Grammar Nazi?


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