60 second Radio in Oman survey

Now, some of you may remember a few months ago I carried out a Google Docs survey about listener trends on the radio here in Oman. It was going great until someone or a some people decided to start cheating and mass-voting for a certain radio station. You know who you are, and yes, you're childish. Really - needing to cheat in a blog survey. Whatever next?

I've been in contact with the station managers for Oman FM 90.4, Hi FM 95.9 and Merge 104.8 and have prepared an entirely new survey - it takes less than 60 seconds to fill out, and will give some results that I think will be quite interesting - if you're nerdy like me.

I will write up a post once the results are in and share any interesting trends I find with you all. I promise that all results are anonymous - at no point will I ask for your email, name or phone number.

The survey can be taken here - I thank you all in advance for taking it, or if you don't take it, thanks for reading this far :) (but please take it, just for me)!

le fin.
60 second Radio in Oman survey 60 second Radio in Oman survey Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, February 24, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. Survey done. You do know that us Brits don't like to be referred to as "from Europe" don't you...? ;-)

  2. I considered putting
    Scotland (not UK)
    Rest of Europe

    But... I'm a lazy blogger ;)

    THANK YOU very much for taking the survey!

  3. Whats my salary range got to do with anything? i think you added that one for your own entertainment hahahaha

    See ya on Wed

  4. I don't know who answers what!!!! The reason I want to know is to learn a little more about those of you who read the blog.

  5. Survey done. Only if we had more stations here like we have in neighbouring Dubai.

  6. Yes, radio 2 in UAE is very good, Oman only seems to cater for teenagers, not the rest of the expat population

  7. According to HiFMs little seg-way asking people what they think about the breakfast show, everyone in Oman speaks with an American accent.

    You don't think it could be.....fake? Do you?

  8. Crap selection of cheesy pop on both hi and merge. One of the lame prime time DJs actually ridiculed a request for done song from the 90s. Oman fm has way better variety with the Saturday reggae and Latin shows, and Selector by British Council on Mondays

  9. Homogenous Euro-trash on both channels- no point in having two channels that play the same and even the different shows during the day play the same music as the rest of the day. Drive-time plays the same music as the breakfast show!
    Faiq on 90.4 in the morning wins hands down for variety of music and less annoying banter! Would prefer less sniffing though!

  10. Merge has a better music selection but they need to get rid of chris fisher, I can't bare to listen. Daz at hi is just as bad so its cds foer me in the morning.

  11. I just wish HIFM would stop airing the Asaffa (sp?) Chicken ads.

    "Yes, I too would like some more" said no one with a British accent ever.


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