Do you listen to the radio in Oman?

Now, long time readers of MM will know that in years past I've written about the state of radio programming here, I sort of left it for a year or two basically because there wasn't much to talk about, but now things are changing and I'm thinking about writing up a new installment for my Radio Wars series.

So I thought I'd conduct a little market research, inspired by Alex's survey I blogged about yesterday, I thought I'd have a go at conducting a survey too.

And so, here it is, my very first ever Google Docs survey:

I promise it'll take you less than a minute to complete, I don't ask for your name or any contact details. The more of you who help to fill it in, the better the research will be, so please do spare me 60 seconds of your time if you can!


le fin.
Do you listen to the radio in Oman? Do you listen to the radio in Oman? Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 Rating: 5


The Duncan Adventures said...

Survey complete :)

I seriously wish the two mainstream radio channels would stop playing so much "P!NK", it's ridiculous how much airtime her songs get! Maybe you could drop that in for me?

Mark Andrews said...

90.40 FM rocks....but they need to do something about their own adverts!

HPsauce said...

90.4fm the best variety of music. Faiq on the Mike is the fave. Newsreaders though have the worst and hard to understand voices - maybe they have good faces for radio! The chap in the pm (Marcus?) has such a bass voice that i have to turn the treble up to the highest to hear him. That could be my depreciating hearing though!

omanpets said...

Radio Merge.But they are playing Nickelback every day.At least ten times.Why?Sometimes I have a feeling they got only 3CD's and play them again and again:-)

Heather said...

I was a radio DJ in the U.S. and was shocked by the most basic radio performance faux pases broadcasted from Western radio hosts. I often wondered, "If these guys can do this, anyone can." Also, the majority of the radio program sounds all the same- the same mess of top 40 American or Arabic-language pop, hourly news, Qu'ran, or occasional Arabic poetry.

What is missing is diverse and community-based radio programming. I would love to hear more types of music and hear about it from people who love it. American top 40 pop has an entirely different context for a teenager in Nizwa than a British expat in Muscat.

On another note, I loved Bobby Ghanoush's show on Oman Radio. He played indie rock (Beach House in Oman?), electronica, and music I would have played anyways. His show was on only once a week, but a real pleasure to hear.

TI3GIB said...

Will this research ever be passed on to commercial entities ?

Sythe said...

TI3GIB I had planned to do some analysis and publish it in a follow up blog, for all to see.

Unfortunately the results got ruined by people cheating, and Google Docs rather shockingly has no way to restrict voting.

I'm going to pay for an account at SurveyMonkey and try again in the new year, with full co-operation from the big 3 English language stations.

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