Monday, December 09, 2013

A friend of mine who used to live here is now studying in Washington DC, and is writing a research paper on Subsidy reform here in Oman - its a very quick 2 minute survey that it totally anonymous and is open to Omani's and Expatriates alike.

It poses some interesting questions that are multiple choice answers, you don't have to type anything, and will help him collect data on peoples opinion and attitudes towards various subsidy's here in the Sultanate - mostly water, electricity and petrol (mostly).

If you've take the time to read this blog post so far, why not help him gather data for his paper, and head to his online survey. It'll take you less than 2 minutes!

le fin.


Jdw said...

Filled out the form, will you be posting the results here as well later on?

Sythe said...

I can ask the author if he is prepared to share his results - I'm interested in seeing them myself - but it's up to him.

duffers said...

I too would be very interested in the outcome of this survey.

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