Happy 43rd National day Oman!

Today marks the 43rd National day since HM started leading the country, I hope everyone has a great day!

Tonight there will be fireworks displays to celebrate the day held all over the country, but there's a bit of confusion on the timings and locations. From what I understand the Arabic press had an announcement (below) that states that at 8pm the fireworks displays will start in the following locations:

1. Halban (out past Seeb)
2. Amerat (the road to Quriyat)
3. "Salalah" (no mention where, probably the Corniche)?

Thanks to Adam for the image (and translation)!

There are rumours that there will also be a fireworks display in Qurum, but I've not found anything in the papers to back this up, yet. If you know something, please feel free to share it here.

Happy National Day!

le fin.
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  1. For Salalah, it says at the Municipal Recreation Club

  2. Not sure why anybody other than the Omanis are celebrating. Everybody else does not belong here and will never be permitted to be any more than just the hired help. The fireworks are only printed in Arabic?

  3. To the second comment:
    I for one am celebrating as Oman provides me with a safe and beautiful home. I have great friends amongst the Omanis. Also, I have work here, which is difficult to find in my home country. Three very good reasons to celebrate.

  4. "Not sure why anybody other than the Omanis are celebrating."

    I'm "hired help" and netting about 7,000 RO a month tax-free. I get 60 days off a year.
    All thanks to His Majesty and his people.

    I'm celebrating.

  5. Why should it be only Omanis celebrating? This is 2013 people, arnt we passed discrimination?! I lived in Muscat for many years and never heard such a comment. I'm now back in my homeland (uk) and share our celebrations with many nationalities ie royal wedding. Should we ban the Omani nationals here in uk from our bank holidays and celebrations? #justsaying :)

  6. I was born and bred here. I think I'm more Omani than my passport nationality because Oman is all I know. I'm celebrating because I'm proud to live in such a stable, safe country that is so dear to my heart I wish I could say I was Omani. Plus we have a Sultan which only a few countries can claim to have. I'm excited for the fireworks even if it is in Arabic. So to commenter number 2: stop being a negative Nancy and enjoy the festivities. Peace

  7. People like the 2nd comment really don't deserve to be in a beautiful country like Oman with such friendly and respectful locals.
    Oman has been my home for more than 20 years now and His Majesty and his people only keep making it a better place to live in!!
    Congratulations on the 43rd National Day to everyone who considers Oman their home!!

  8. Guys don't be so hard on the 2nd comment maybe she/he has valid reasons for posting this.
    Yes, despite years of service in Oman, you still have to go back home and getting the nationality is like snatching a piece of meat out of a tiger's mouth.
    Apart from this there are several other short comings, but guess what if this place wasn't better then your other options you wouldn't be here ;-)
    So enjoy and let's make this a better country.

  9. Were there any fireworks? Didnt see the in the muscat area. All seemed a bit subdued to me, other than the inevitable children in their cars.

  10. No fireworks happened... The groundswell of support for Commenter Number 2 led to a cancellation... Yeah - right ;)

    I am sick of expats whinging and whining. I go home to the UK as little as possible - and coming back to Muscat always feels like home! Belated Happy National Day (and cheers for the days off next week)

  11. Just telling it how it is people. Anybody who thinks they are more than just the hired help is kidding themselves. Loose your job and you have 30 days to get out.

  12. "Loose your job and you have 30 days to get out."

    It's nothing anyone with a bit of diligence doesn't know before they sign a contract. I can jump over to Dubai and come back in as a tourist. Did it for a year without a single hassle from immigration.
    I guess they must profile people at the airport, according to where you come from and your compatriot's track record for overstaying.
    Been here now for 10 years and have never once felt like hired help as you put it. But again, maybe that's a job environment thing. Or perhaps the value put on my ability to get the job done. Proper qualifications etc rather than those fake ones we see a lot of here from certain charlatans or the "honors with distinction" crowd educated in universities driving by a 100% pass rate, who churn out "graduates" by the plane load for the next Spicejet flight to the Middle East.
    You wouldn't happen to be one of those, would you?

  13. Good to see people cared enough to comment. My only comments are:

    1. It's lose, not loose. Think loser, not looser.

    2. I've lived here for 6 years here so far, living a privileged life, my daughter was conceived and born here, long may the Sultanate's Renaissance last!

  14. For non locals, this is a place of employment, not home.

  15. these comments make for an interesting read...
    Obviously some people are able to call Oman their home while they live here.
    Others feel they are here to work and just survive.

    I believe those who choose to call Oman "home" while living here (or any other place they chose to live)
    will enjoy a more satisfying life!

    - live for the day
    - as you may get run over by a bus tomorrow!!!

  16. Tee hee, couldn't help noticing the pic is for the 18th birthday - ah well...;-)


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