Louis Vuitton America's cup World Series: Oman

Did you know that the LV America's cup World Series: Oman leg was on this weekend? By weekend, I actually mean Saturday and Sunday (27 and 28 of Feb). The news broke late last year that (I presume it was Oman Sail) Oman Sail had secured the rights to the incredibly prestigious LV America's cup World Series which is taking place this weekend.

I don't know about you, but I've seen hardly any news coverage about this event at all, and I had to do a bit of digging to find out this information. Firstly, not being particularly interested in sailing, I had just written this off as some other regatta where people sail around in circles while people watch them and drink champagne and wear very expensive things.

It seem's like my initial thoughts were probably not too far off the mark, but it was with some interest that I learned that, in the sailing world, this is like the F1 of events. It seems boat people are pretty geeked about about this thing happening this weekend, and on the back of this excitement I thought I'd do some research.

The event is being held offshore from the Al Mouj golf club, and there is a public viewing area (as well as the super fancy Club AC, where I suspect the people who wear very expensive things will be).

As it turns out, there is an event village complete with a kids zone, food court and various other bits and pieces, and it might actually be quite fun to go and check it out with the family (anything to occupy my 3 year old for an hour or two).

Basically the races are between 2 & 3:30pm on both days, and you can watch the coverage (apparently) on Oman TV and also online here: https://www.americascup.com/en/live-now.html 

Clara, at Ocean Blue Oman, is offering seats on the lovely Sy Azurra to watch the races at sea for RO 45 per person. If you're interested in that, get in touch with her through their facebook page.

le fin.
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  1. "I've seen hardly any news coverage about this event at all, and I had to do a bit of digging to find out this information"...so to do some digging that means you are interested in sailing or what's happening in Oman, I assume. So maybe you should like Oman Sail's Facebook page or follow them on Instagram, that would be a good start for you to get more sailing news, or start buying local newspapers like Muscat Daily. The radio is a good option too, or just open your eyes when you travel through Muscat.

  2. Anon - I have a subscription to Muscat Daily, and indeed saw the insert today, but I started writing this post days ago. Oman Sail's Facebook page is a good source of information, but there was hardly (and basically still isn't) and local media coverage at all for something which it seems is a really big thing. I wonder how much Oman Sail spent to get these rights, and then I wonder who was in charge of marketing this event, because whoever it was didn't do a particularly good job of telling the local population about it.

    And finally, I find sailing incredibly boring, and I don't have any interest in it at all really, I just thought others might be interested.

  3. Hi Sythe,

    I find sailing boring too...but good marketing doesn't mean getting the population informed. So most probably they were targeting people who like boring sports, Champagne and fancy cigars.


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