The rain, and muppets.

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Well you will have to have been living under a rock for the last few days if you were not aware that the end of the earth there is a particularly large storm headed our way and it's due to arrive today and last at least until Saturday.

I guess I should have held off on washing my car yesterday then. Usual sense applies, the roads will become slippery, windows will leak, and expect the inevitable power cuts. Bonus points for pictures sent in of water sprinklers working tomorrow while it's raining!

Next up, you've probably seen this video doing the rounds on WhatsApps and Facebook, but I put it onto youtube so I could post it here.

So the kid died apparently. Immediate thoughts that come to my mind is why would you continue to lean out a window of a car that's tilting like that, and where exactly were the police, it's not like that was the first car to do (or try to) a donut there that night. The ROP did turn up in force after this, and maintained a very heavy presence there for the next night as well - and nothing else like this happened as far as I know.

There are other videos going around, the most notable other one is of a couple on a motorbike and the girl gets groped by some members of the crowd that appear to have mobbed them on a public street.

Every year there are more and more adolescents here in Oman than there ever has been before, and I guess instances like these are going to happen more frequently as these kids do what kids do.. act out. I'm not condoning it, I think the poor kid that died in the car should have known better, and the poor woman that got assaulted never deserved that at all. It's just the product of a childish population.

Hopefully people will learn and things will improve. The point about putting it up here is to highlight that people are not as safe as they might think they are. There are rumors of a rapes that also happened earlier this week too - so, be mindful is all I'm saying.

Enjoy the weekend, and don't be a muppet and try and swim/drive in a flooded wadi, or drive around a puddle into oncoming traffic... you know it's going to happen!

le fin.
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  1. thank you for not being one people who post vidoe of this poor girl, cos it more harming her (unfortunately) then anyone else ;(

  2. He couldn't get back in the car because of centrifugal force pushing him outwards. That said the lad (RIP)still deserves a Darwin award for doing it in the first place.

  3. The only thing that is going to help the youth of Oman to cop on to themselves is a lifting of the ban on punching someone in the face.

    Ask the two twats who went to Frankfurt recently and decided to grope someone's girlfriend on the street and got what was coming to them.

    Sometimes, the only suitable punishment and subsequent learning experience is a slap in the mouth.

  4. My heart dropped seeing that.

    I lost a friend years ago because he was going too fast coming off a round about & when the Nissan patrol infront of him stopped, he flew through the back of the nissan & landed under it's wheels in the front... got ran over..dead.

    Street racing was a thrill but soon ended when corpses were being carried to graves.

    Ajman pre 2000


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