Prophets birthday finally announced

This Thursday, January 24, 2013 is the Prophets birthday, the last public holiday until June.

It's been confirmed that Saturday January 26 will be a holiday for the Public and Private Sectors, returning to work on Sunday 27th. Here is the translated link for the Oman News Agency announcement.

You can always read my post on 2013 Public Holidays schedule just to get a rough idea of when holidays will fall, but as always, we have to wait until the official announcements are made.

le fin.

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  1. When will those dumb beardies in Oman & the gulf in general wake up to the fact that the moon's cycle can be predicted years in advance? Here in Malaysia all the 2013 calendars have long since been printed and distributed with - guess what? the prophet's birthday correctly noted!

  2. Any idea as to when the dry day(s) will occur?

  3. Rumor has it that it will be dry from Wed at 6PM until Thur at Midnight.


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