Oman's 2013 Public Holidays schedule

Now, as we all know, Public Holidays in Oman are never something that one can completely count on being announced until usually a few days before, so the dates I've put below are strictly guide dates for you to work with when planning your vacations for 2013.

Dont get mad at me if the dates are wrong!

1 Jan - New Years Day (not usually officially given)
24 Jan - Prophets Birthday
6 June - Lailat Al-Ma'raj
9 July - Ramadan starts (not a holiday, but good to know)
23 July - Renaissance Day
8 August - Eid al Fitr (usually a few days)
15 Oct - Eid Al Adha (usually a few days)
4 Nov - Hijiri New Year 
13 Nov - Ashura
18 Nov - HM's birthday / National day
25 Dec - Christmas (never officially given)


le fin.

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Anonymous said...

Ramadan is going top be even more of a ghost town than usual with it being 9th July!
At least it is creeping closer to cooler weather and shorter days for those that practice.

faisy wish said...

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