Sunday, August 12, 2012

Forgive the poor formatting as unfortunately the fabulous ISP Omantel have still not fixed the internet in my office (day 6 now!) So I'm blogging from my phone.

Eid holidays have been announced as follows:

Government sector:  all week Saturday 18 returning to work on Saturday 25th August.

Private sector: Saturday 18 till Tuesday 21st returning to work on Wednesday 22nd.

le fin.


Anonymous said...

Hi, am just dying to know if all the stores and malls are closed during the Eid holidays? Everyone gives me different answers! Just moved here and hoping to get some shopping done for the house then, as hubby will free! Thanks :)

BigManInOman said...

Unfortunately there is no straight answer to that question! Most places will be open except for the actual first day of Eid when you will have some shops open, though places like City Centre will have normal hours.
I suggest that if you have anywhere in particular you want to go, you call ahead in the next couple of days and ask.

bigManInOman said...

I realise that answer is about as useless as I could get.

Jo Jo said...

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