Inner Fight fitness guru giving seminar in Muscat

Later this month, InnerFight fitness guru, Marcus Smith is holding a 3 day seminar right here in Muscat. If you are pretty seriouos about your fitness training, you might want to look into attending this seminar - you might just learn something new!

It's RO 50 and runs from Wed Aug 29th - Fri Aug 31st

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Inner Fight fitness guru giving seminar in Muscat Inner Fight fitness guru giving seminar in Muscat Reviewed by Sythe on Saturday, August 11, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. My first thought is "what kind of retard starts a seminar at 1830 in Ramadhan?". Nice work!

    Guess it's only aimed at a certain demographic then. :p

  2. Hm.. Ramadan will be finished by that time..

  3. What kind of retard comments without reading the piece properly?
    Oh woe is me the downtrodden Muslim abyadhi.

  4. Haha...blame it on low blood sugar..or something...doh!


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