City Cinema at MGM opening today

Well I blogged about it here back at the end of March, and now, today, the new City Cinema location at the MGM will open at 11:30pm. The cinema contains 3 screens, 2 larger capacity rooms (190 & 100 seats) and 1 smaller VIP room (24 seats) with much larger chairs and a waiter service.

To celebrate the opening of the cinema, there is a special screening of the new Spiderman movie tonight at 11:30pm - it will be the only place in Oman screening the movie before Thursday apparently.

Ticket prices are  as follows:

Regular screening: RO 3.000
3D screening: RO 4.000
VIP screening: RO 10.000

Enjoy the weekend.

le fin.
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Anonymous said...

The City Cinema website seems oblivious to the opening of the new cinema as the new cinema is still being shown as Opening Soon!!

Anonymous said...

Bunch of window-lickers. They have all this time to build the cinemas, put the fancy seats in, I bet the nachos are stacked high, but no-one thinks to make the website live even after the advert showing it has been printed!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Online notice stated that tickets for MGM City Cinema could be purchased online after 3PM on opening day and in fact that statement is still on display. However, in reality online ticket purchase for MGM City Cinema is still not available and people were having to wait in long queue to buy tickets.

Film geek said...

Tickets are RO3.5 and RO4.5 during weekends and holidays. It remains RO3 and RO4 on weekdays only.

Anonymous said...

Some one should come up with a new cinema out here, these guys are just ripping people off!

Anonymous said...

They do not have a system. First day show tickets i purchased for the last row and when i went inside they alloted me the 1st row right in front of screen. It was a hell like experience in Muscat Grand mall..Bull shit..

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