City Cinema at the Muscat Grand Mall

Well it's been talked about in the local press in the past, City Cinema are planing to open a 3 screen cinema in the newly opened Coffee Shop collective mall in Ghubra/Bowsher known as the Muscat Grand Mall. It grabbed some headlines a few months back touting a 4D experience in one of the 3 screens that are to be installed in the new location. Nifty. I'm not really sure what they mean by 4D, but the general consensus is that there will be a smell element to the films, or some other atmospheric experience. However I don't actually know so if you do then share!

Last month, Muscat Daily ran a story that the cinema is going to open in the mall by the end of April. People are already beginning to question if this date is reliable because progress on site does not match this intended opening date. I have to say I kind of agree with the question of when will this cinema open, because here is a recent picture of where the cinema is supposed to be being installed:

Hmmm. Not looking like it'll be ready in a month. To be honest it doesn't even look like a cinema location with all those columns in the way, so perhaps the image is not accurate - I'll try and get in and have a peek myself.

On a plus side, City Cinema have upped their game and launched a new website in January, and their online ticketing system seems to be working a lot more reliably now. They also have a Facebook group here which seems to be fairly sporadically updated, but it is occasionally updated when there is important news.

Tickets to most shows are RO 3.000, unless it is a 3D presentation and then the cost is RO 4.000. If you book via the online ticket system, you can only use Credit Cards issued in Oman, and there is a 200bz per ticket processing fee which I think is stupid, seeing as we reduce their overhead by using this method of payment and ticket purchase - I wish these sur-charges were scrapped but at the end of the day the convenience charge of 200bz for not having to line up hours ahead of a show to book tickets is worth it.

In other interests, I'm running another Radio poll, this time on Facebook (for a change) - I'd really appreciate your input if you have a minute to spare.

Also - if you haven't entered the contest for 2 VIP tickets to see Sunidhi Chauhan this coming weekend, then you've gotta be in it to win it!

More soon.

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  1. 4-D film (sometimes written as 4D film) is a marketing term that describes an entertainment presentation system combining a 3-D film with physical effects in the theatre, which occur in synchronization with the film (note that 4-D films are not actually 4-dimensional). Because the physical effects can be expensive to install, 4-D films are usually presented only at special venues such as theme parks and amusement parks. However, in Mexico, Nepal, South Korea and India, some movie theatres also have the ability to present a 4-D film and the film Avatar was one of 10 films that have received the treatment, starting with Journey to the Center of the Earth.[1] Some of the effects simulated in 4-D films include rain, wind, strobe lights, and vibration. The use of water sprays and air jets is also common. A 4-D film is not shown in a motion simulator, although some seats in 4-D venues vibrate or may move a few inches during the presentation.
    Due to the fast growth of movies, video, and the entertainment industry, 3D Theatres have been enhanced by the addition of special simulations. The combination of 3D movies with chair movement (vibration, sway, tilt, drop, wave motion, or movement in any direction) and other chair effects such as wind blowing, water spraying, leg and back ticklers is usually considered a 4D experience. Using additional hall effects such as smoke, rain, lightning, air bubbles and special smells (for example fireworks smell at the London Eye's Experience and gassy smells when the stinkbug sprays it at It's Tough to be a bug) is often regarded by many as 5D. However, since there is no standard for using these terms, each company uses its own terminology and it is often confusing. It is important to disregard the marketing slogans (4-5-6-7D) used by different companies and check what is exactly offered for both the visual and sensory experience.

  2. Having lived in Kuwait where there was no surcharge on internet bookings, I have also been bringing the matter of removing surcharge to the attention of City Cinema management. As stated in the post that the Company should be trying to do all that it can to maximize internet sales as it would reduce crowding and staffing at the ticket sales counter and make for a more pleasant movie going experience all around.

  3. What I cannot fathom is why in spite of charging so much for a ticket the City Cinema authorities are unable to allott seat numbers? Why is it "free seating" on most occasions at both Ruwi & Shatti even after booking in advance paying the extra 200 bzs ???

  4. the photo represents soon to be open restaurants.

  5. Regarding your radio poll - have you listened to Oman Classic 97fm. From 11am it has a selection of classical pieces with introductions in Arabic and English.

  6. Last anon - I admit it slipped my mind when I set the questions, and when someone reminded me of Classic FM 97 people had already started voting and I couldn't edit the poll.... next time I'll be sure to include them.


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