Oman V Australia, and Swiss week @ the Hyatt

Three things today!

Oman are playing Australia next month at the Sultan Qaboos stadium - June 8th. Tickets are reportedly on sale now at the Shell gas station in Sarooj, starting at just 2 RO. General seating: 2 RO and VIP: 10, 15, 25 & 35 RO.

I imagine the game will be well-attended. The last time Oman and the Socceroos met, Oman snuck a goal in and won 1-0, so I'm sure the aussies will be keen to get even this time. The game is a qualifier for the World Cup in Brazil

Check out the Oman National Football Team's facebook page for more information in the coming days.

On Sunday I went with Mrs Sythe to check out the Swiss week thing being held at the Mokha Cafe in the Hyatt all week until this Sunday (May 13th). It costs RO 17 and you get to try out a whole host of Swiss dishes. I honestly thought there was only holy cheese and toblerones, but I was surprised to see there were a bunch of other things on the menu too, but I do have to say the Tobelerone chocolate fountain and mousses were pretty awesome.

I enjoyed the Tobelerone chocolate fountain a great deal!

There was some live music and entertainment at the venue as well, with all manner of musical instruments: Alphorns, accordions, spoons, saws(!), cow bells and earthenware bowls with coins rolling around in them. All in all we had a great time and if you're looking for something different to do for dinner (or brunch on the weekend for that matter) - it was fun.

Finally, a nice spot by local twitter person, @terencephoto spied a new marketing initiative by Nawras, which apparently promotes online piracy:

Well I guess Oman better watch out or it will join Canada (those naughty Canadians) and make it onto the USA's online-naughty list that they publish every year: The Special 301 Watchlist prepared by the Office of the US Trade Representative. I'd like to point out that my Omantel ADSL is RO 35 a month for a 12MB line (which lets me download at around 1400 KB/sec) and is unlimited in data traffic. Just saying.

le fin.
Oman V Australia, and Swiss week @ the Hyatt Oman V Australia, and Swiss week @ the Hyatt Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, May 08, 2012 Rating: 5

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  1. It's 'Mbps', not 'MBps'. Both aren't the same. Mb=Megabits. MB=Megabytes


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