Omani product spotlight: Suroor potato chips

Time for another semi-regular post on local Omani products that I use. This one's a specific flavour of a type of crisps chips that I enjoy. Suroor's crinkle-cut salt and vinegar flavour are great - they are just like Ruffles, but only cost RO 1.050 for a big sack of I don't actually know how many bags - probably somewhere around 24.

I've looked for these chips to come in a big bag but can only seem to find them in snack-size in a large sack of them. I think Mehdi Foods LLC (owner of the Suroor brand) really took to heart the phrase "cheap as chips" as each snack-size bag only contains about 10 chips in it, an awful waste of packaging really, but super cheap.

There are other flavours but I don't really care for them, just the Salt & Vinegar ones for me! I also enjoy other local brands of chips too, but I'll save them for another time!

More soon!

le fin.
Omani product spotlight: Suroor potato chips Omani product spotlight: Suroor potato chips Reviewed by Sythe on Sunday, April 29, 2012 Rating: 5

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Omani Jewel said...

hahaha :-) shall i say it ... 10 chips huh:-) well we have closed fists :-) ....get my drift ... if i say anymore i will be branded racicist for the umpteenth time in my community

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