Mackenzies Cafe & Deli

I originally blogged about this in June 2011 and it seems that the place is nearing completion and thus opening. Gordon Mackenzie (the guy behind Alive Events) is expanding his increasingly popular internet-ordering imported foods website, and is opening a cafe in MQ, underneath the Al Noor hall, just behind the Subway, next to the baby daycare place.


I took a sneak peak inside the store and snapped a few pictures - initial impressions (apart from it not yet being complete) is that it is actually going to be a pretty big spot, and it's got fancy Scottish themed wall paper. I'm sure the Caledonian society of Oman types will be pleased to see the Scottish Thistle featured in the Cafe.

There's no set opening date just yet - Oman being Oman and the licenses & permits process being a rather drawn out affair, but definitely before Ramadan! The store will also have a Pork room, as well as a Butchers & Cheese counter to boot - looks like Al Fair's stranglehold on Pork products may finally come to an end (with the exception of the frozen pork shop that I blogged about in 2009). Of course, you can still place an order on their website and have it delivered to your house anywhere in the Muscat area - cash on delivery. I highly recommend their fancy bangers!

Moving on, last night I learned that the Passage to India restaurant by Hatat House had a fire about a week ago which gutted it, and now the restaurant is closed for renovation. No word yet how bad the fire was, or how it happened, or even when they plan to reopen. Shame really, it was my favorite spot for a ruby murray in town - relatively cheap food (when comparing to Mumtaz Mahal or a "Shatti" restaurant") and licensed to boot.

The thing I liked most about it was the fact that it was out of the way and quiet. I hope they re-open soon, and if you have any info on what actually happened - do share!

More soon.

le fin.
Mackenzies Cafe & Deli Mackenzies Cafe & Deli Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, April 30, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Small electrical fault. Not the blaze I keep hearing rumours about. I was next door earlier today, and my trusted source says10 days max...

  2. Good Ruby+Value+Booze=Woodlands.

  3. Truthsayer - thanks for setting the record straight, I'm looking forward to it reopening!

    Anon - yes, but you forgot to mention it's in Ruwi. Instant dislike!


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