Oman's 2012 Public Holidays schedule

Now, as we all know, Public Holidays in Oman is never something that one can completely count on being announced until usually a few days before, so the dates I've put below are strictly guide dates for you to work with when planning your vacations for 2012.

Dont get mad at me if the dates are wrong!

1 Jan New Year’s Day
4 Feb Mouloud (Birth of the Prophet)
17 Jun Leilat al-Meiraj (Ascension of the Prophet)
23 Jul Renaissance Day
19 Aug Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)
25 Oct Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice)
15 Nov Islamic New Year
18 Nov National Day and birthday of HM Sultan Qaboos


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Anonymous said...

Do we have New Year's Day off this year? There was nothing last year.

Anonymous said...

Is 1st Jan a public holiday? i dont think it was given during the previous years. Is it confirmed this time?

Nadia said...

And if a GCC leader dies, we get three days. May Allah grant them long life!

Sythe said...

As far as I know, Jan 1st is not an official public holiday, but most companies close for this day each year.

Free Sailboats said...

It's a good thing this post gave me the heads up at least on the general period of time these holidays fall. I have a cousin in Balla (I hope I spelled it right) whom we wish to disturb every now and then.

pimalai said...

That's a pretty short list of holidays. But still, thanks for the post. Now I can plan a surprise visit to a friend of mine who's currently based in Sur.

broome accommodation said...

I've also heard about January 1 not being an official holiday. That's what stopped me from visiting my brother last year.

Daisy Dee said...

This is something that all countries should be sharing to the people so they are aware when are their holidays so they could schedule a vacation. I always take note of those on the start of the year so I could already plan my vacation for the year. cheap flights to Manila

Anonymous said...

Oman should announce holidays a year ahead - will benefit all

Vel Lojumbung said...

Just got to know that their national days has been announced on 27-29 November???

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