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Well it seems that the people at the Al Mouj golf club have decided to launch yet another new type of membership: The 5 days a week annual membership, rather cunningly named: The annual five day membership, but really it's the 260-day membership... joy.

Ok so here's the deal:

Play on the course in a working week [Saturday – Wednesday]
  • 6:30am – 10:00pm
  • No Restrictions
  • Joining fee waived for anyone who signs up between December 21st 2011 to January 31th 2012
Existing members who would like to change their memberships should contact the Sales and Marketing Manager directly.

Now, the price for a full annual membership (7 days) is RO 1750 (or RO 1575 if you own/live at The Wave), and there has been some grumblings that it's on the high side for what is effectively a 9 hole golf course (yes the other 9 holes are reported to open in "Q2 2012"). The price for this annual 5 day membership is RO 1250 (or RO 1130 if you own/live at The Wave) - and so to the serious golfers amongst you, this maybe a more palatable option for you to consider. Below is a table showing all of the various membership pricing levels for the Annual 5 day membership for you to have a look at.

Click to make this bigger

Much more tomorrow!

le fin.

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  1. Golf is oe game I will never be able to get my head around. I realy dont know what the fuss is all about, and why people are willing to part with huge soms of theur cash to play this game.


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