Pointless Poll results: Pizza Express

Well the poll has come to an end, and you've voted Pizza Express in as the best pizza in town. Personally I like Domino's thin crust pizzas and their chicken wings... but Pizza Express is a close second for me - I love their duck pizza!

Pizza Express in Oman is operated by the Bur Al Hickman group, and they have 2 locations - 1 in Shatti in the Oasis by the sea, and the other underneath Shang Thai in Al Khuwair opposite Mcdonalds. As a quick aside, Shang Thai has now opened another restaurant location, at The Wave, next to Costa Coffee and has recently been reviewed by local blogger, Andy in Oman. Also, if you are a HSBC credit card holder and have the Entertainer 2011 HSBC book I blogged about last week, they have 3 handy buy 1 main course get 1 free vouchers for Pizza Express :)

Having written that, and it's lunch time, I'm hungry! And with it being Monday, its Monday madness 2-4-1 pizza at Papa Johns....

More soon!

le fin.
Pointless Poll results: Pizza Express Pointless Poll results: Pizza Express Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, October 03, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. ...which falls conveniently between the Sunday and Tuesday "twofers" at Domino's. Do you eat pizza every day? I can see the temptation...!

  2. Pizza Hut car park at Qurum is a f**king nightmare on Tuesdays!
    I need to blog about it!

  3. As Italian I have to say that, although Pizza Express serves at least one pizza I quite like (the Margherita Prima), I tend to go to Tomato at the Intercon. It is much more expensive than the other pizza joints but it's worth every beiza (and you can have a beer with your pizza).

  4. Turns out there are more benefits to owning credit card than just having money without the actual paper in your wallet.

  5. vistor,
    I love the food at Pizza Express and found more then just pizza to enjoy. My wife and kid love it too and go always together there.


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