Free tickets! 80's party on October 19th at InterCon

The people at Hi FM and Alive events seem to have the bit between their teeth lately, and have just announced another party, this one a limited ticket event.

9:00pm on Wednesday October 19th at the Jabrin Ballroom (where Hed Kandi and Yolanda Be Cool were before Ramadan) see's Pat Sharp hosting some 80's stars. For more details, you can check the facebook event page.

Here's the blurb:
If you remember TOP GUN, BIG HAIR and JELLY SHOES, then this is the party for you, time to dust off the perming fluid, get out your shoulder pads and party 80's style with HIFM and ALive Entertainments!

We bring you 4 huge 80's icons performing LIVE.

From Kartrina and the waves - Katrina
From THe CUtting Crew - Nic Van Ede

All hosted by PAT SHARP!

Tickets are only OMR15

For more info and tickets call - 95555699 or check out

THIS IS A LIMITED TICKET PARTY....... there is less than 1000 tickets available, so DO NOT WAIT!! grab your tickets early!!

And I've got 2 tickets to give away as well! All you need to do to register for a chance to win the 2 tickets is to either leave a comment here on this blog post, or send me an email to mrsythe @

If you leave a comment, please make sure you leave a way for me to get in touch with you should you win!

Bon Chance!

le fin.

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The Linoleum Surfer said...

What a fabulous line-up! Made me smile just to read it...(damn I'm getting old...!)

Mendel said...

indeed muscat seems to be rockin nowadays...;)...

The Linoleum Surfer said...

Funny thing is I never really liked any of them the first time around....nostalgia, eh?

sorry.. wrong blog! said...

Anonymous said...

I loved the 80's music but not half as much as my friend who is I think still stuck in that era so if I won two tickets I would give them to her as she would rock the house down for sure. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Digging out my "Choose Life" T-shirt as we speak.
from the Pat Sharp Mullet appreciation society - Muscat chapter

Prakesh said...

gimme gimmie!

Slim said...

The 1980s was THE decade of great music. Before that was just classic music, then Elvis and The Beatles. As a 43 year old teenager I am certainly stuck in that era.

If I win the tickets I promise not to come in my Duran Duran hairstyle (mostly because it went down the drain in the shower - the hair that is). I also promise not to paint my face Adam Ant stylee.

So, Stand And Deliver those tickets, or I'll be Running For The Hills with China In My Hands. But if I win I will Die In Your Arms Tonight.

Contact = I'm Jamilla Camel's better half :-)

Modh Baluchi said...

the 80s were the golden age of Rock'n'Roll as well as many other types of music.. 80s Rock..!!

muscati said...

So it's gonna be Heart & Soul, Walking on Sunshine and I Just Died In Your Arms. And then what?

Put me up for a free ticket.

Brains_washa said...

OMG 80's I'd like to attend it
I'll diffenetly go

Kashif Adeel said...

i am just waiting for the two free tickets .......... 80's party here i come.....

Anonymous said...

I will know all the words to the songs so could really embarrass myself with these tickets :-)

Deepak SREEDHAR said...

Original 80’s funhouse in Muscat !!! I used to watch “I’m a celebrity….. Get me out of here…” by Pat. Nice to see that you are doing your very best to make the date and bring Pat Sharp to Muscat. Good to listen to the strings of the golden age of music. (If you consecrate me with couple tickets)

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