Booksale tomorrow in Ghubra

There is a book sale (well, house sale, with books being the most predominant thing on sale) at a house in Ghubra tomorrow, on Tuesday 23rd August between 10:00 and 15:00. All the proceeds go towards an animal neutering program. I believe there is another fund-raising event to be held at the Dolphin Club in September as previously blogged about here.

Anyway, if you fancy getting some books, the place tomorrow is in Ghubra near to the Indian School. If you have the Indian school on your left (as if coming from the highway) - go straight until you come to a 4 way stop (not that anyone pays any attention to those) and go straight through the intersection, and then take your first left and the house is on that road. If you get lost you can call 9504 0189 for some better directions.

Happy shopping!

le fin.
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