Eid Mubarak!

Well, just off the wire - Government Sector holidays have been declared by Royal Order!

That's a little odd because normally it is not announced via Royal Order, but this is the information I've received so here it is:

Monday (29th August) thru Sunday (4th September) are to be holidays, with a return to work on Monday 5th September.

I'll update this as more information comes in - if it's not accurate I apologize, and please comment if you have something to add!

Update: Private Sector holidays announced:
Tuesday 30th August thru Saturday 3rd September, returning to work on Sunday 4th September.

le fin.
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Anonymous said...

We always post at the same time. Waiting for private sector announcement!!


Olga K. said...

Fingers crossed for the private sector please!!!!!

Man in Muscat said...

Private sector is Tuesday to Saturday. Back to work on Sunday

Sythe said...

Thanks Man in Muscat, I just had it confirmed through ONA :P

Anonymous said...

So my daughter Nicola gets another holiday. My God and I thought Oz had more hahahaha.

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