And so it begins.

Last night the moon was spotted and so Ramadan began, personally I was having dinner at the Dolphin club and they came round with requests for last orders - thats how I found out!

These are my top 5 tips for surviving Ramadan as a non-muslim:

1. Expect very little to be done by any Government offices
2. Order your lunch to be delivered, or bring a pack lunch. I understand most restaurants will deliver during the day.
3. Get invited to the many house parties that take place during this month.
4. Do not drive, anywhere, at all, in the last 3 hours of daylight, your playing a rigged lottery and the odds are not in your favour.
5. Make sure you drink a lot of water before going to any meetings.

And, a little picture I posted last year at this time, I think it's fairly instructive:

le fin.
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Susie said...

Rightly said!!

C said...

hehe no ice cream!? actually i doubt there will be any meetings this month. usually people dont bother showing up to work!

Susan said...

Meetings? In Ramadhan? Who are you kidding?

Anonymous said...

i love the one with man and woman holding hands,,,,,thts funny,,,, i cant stop laughing!!

Anonymous said...

Yes I like the man and women forbidden one.
I notice that there is not man plus man forbidden!

Anonymous said...

if u notice tht, u are a fucking idiot, it's forbidden in Oman and elsewhere anyway

Muscat Mutter Paneer said...

At this point, I, who choseth to reside far from the sandy plains of Muscat after 8 years of torment, take great pleasure in walking down to my local supermarket, buying a bottle of the finest 'finest', and saying:

Ramadan Muba-(hic!)-rek to all of my friends on this blog!

Rock on. After all it is only the better part of a month, eh?

cartoon homosexual said...

"if u notice tht, u are a fucking idiot, it's forbidden in Oman and elsewhere anyway "

HAHAHAHA you gotta be fucken shittin me, i bet every male in your inbred arab hick family got a lovely anal pounding as a rite of passage. like every other male from here. idiot

Anonymous said...

u are truly a cartoon homosexual shithole, becasue i bet ur head is full of dick drilled holes,

i was talking legally u moron!!

and since u are a homosexual , i again bet tht u have inherited this from ur fucking ancestors who used to get anal pounding from Arabs

Anonymous said...

"ur fucking ancestors who used to get anal pounding from Arabs"

So you are in essence saying that Arabs do indeed pound anuses.

Give a man enough rope! Sigh!

Sythe said...

Heads full of dick drilled holes, legendary flame!

Enough bickering now though!

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