The start of my latest nightmare: Moving house

It's been a time of change for me lately, and now I've also decided to change my house.

Essentially my land lord is a douche, and so after 4 years of living in one of his properties, enough is enough and we're moving out. We've found a new house to live in, not very far away, but I'm already expecting massive problems with moving our life there.

A cursory ten minute inspection of the Omantel website netted absolutely zero information about how to transfer services from one building to another. This should be enlightening. For those of you that have moved, can you make any suggestions? Warnings?

I've already decided to ignore OSN and just pay someone privately to come and move my dish to the new property - i've heard it can take weeks to get OSN to come and do it.

So, if any of you have any tips with regards to moving within Oman please do let me know!

le fin.
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  1. pmsl.... I feel for you I do... but it's gonna be a nightmare... so I lol'ed :)

    I can recommend a company that will come in and pack up EVERYTHING and move.... 3 people I know used them - took A LOT of stress away - and the price ranged from 350 to 400 OMR... and I moved myself recently and did it all myself - I decided never again - that 400 OMR is WORTH IT!

    with regards to internet - when I moved and didn't want to wait for Omantel - I found that Nawras has an awesome prepaid internet - we went into Nawras - they pinpoint your house on google maps - check the signal - if it's good - then you get the Modem - if I remember correctly we took the best option and got the modem for free - then it's OMR 24 per month for uncapped Gigs..
    Works like a bomb - instant and easy!


  2. I have just one tip-patience, loads and looooads of patience. Good luck!

  3. Moving is cathartic- chuck out ALL your old clothes and junk, dont take anything with you that you haven't used/worn in the last year. And dont buy anything new until you have been your new place for at least 6 weeks - gives you time to settle in and change your mind. Best of Luck.

  4. Hi for Omanltel try their service centre in Quram behind Bank Muscat - see the supervisor lady in the office in the corner or go up the stairs (she has an office up the stairs on the right also)- she (Omani) is very smart and able to sort most problems in a matter of minutes...

    FOR OSM - go to their shop in AL Khawair - there is a customer services team you can eyeball and get them to confirm date and time for the change.
    (as with all things in Oman):
    - make sure you the persons name details and their personal mobile number (test it while there with a missed call) - then they will be sure to make it happen for you .....

    Good luck

  5. Oman is a joke. You can moan about other countries but the Omanis are so laid back they're horizontal. Omanisation is laughable. Many Omanis who went abroad to study and have returned home to work are dismayed by the poor wages, poor working conditions and lack of progress.

    Just think of the Blue City and you will understand the level of corruption and incompetency that surrounds Government.

  6. ranjudidwania@yahoo.comAugust 6, 2011 at 5:25 PM

    Get it done by professional packers or it will be nightmare.Looks like yr omantel is sorted out. All the best:)

  7. Writer Relocation. That is all. Good Luck!

  8. I have just done it, we down sized from 5 to 3 beds and although sold and shipped out a lot of stuff still had too much. For omantel etc,go personally and first thing in the morning would be the best time as it is ramadan.for your sat, call into one of those little Indian sat shops and ask them,we paid 8 or's and it was done within 30 mins. Moving is a lot easier with professionals but we chose the cheaper option and hired a truck with a local driver and Pakistani carriers, they did 3 trips and it cost 80 riyals all in.that was loading,unloading and lugging it all up to a penthouse with no lift. These guys are quick and efficient but do need constant monitoring. Move room by room and don't doit randomly and dump stuff,you need to be organized as it will save a lot of time after.
    Run down your fridge,dry stores and water bottles- less to carry over. All of the sentimental,fragile stuff load into your car.
    Get your fridge,bed,kettle and tv moved first and have a good drink when it's all
    done. It is very hard work especially at this time of year so good luck

  9. Good luck with your move.

    I always just get Omani firends to do everything for me but that isn't much help. They move our sattelite, make sure the acs are okay ect. For net, we switched with the nAwras modem as Omantel took too long.

  10. I agree about the Pakistanis + van approach (with the caveat that you might want to do or at least supervise, the taking apart/reassembling of stuff yourself.

    A friend of mine moved last year - married guy with a couple of kids and maid/nanny. When he had his movers come in, he took the "leader" aside and said this: "This is my house and everything in it is important to me. If you can move everything to the new place with nothing at all broken, I will give you OR10 and each one of your crew OR 5."

    Nothing got broken, he paid OR70 for the move (large four bed house) plus OR25 in tips, and everyone was happy!

  11. Good luck! I am glad we own and are NOT moving anywhere in Oman - once was enough!

  12. You can get truck and labour from gubara, infact truck is owned by these Pakistani people,s. They are very good in moving stuff just needs little monitering
    as for Ramadan they may be fasting. I think giving tip really helps(bakshash) also during work little food and pepsi can make wonders for these people, (choose evening time if possiable)
    Also you can get plastic rolls from nearby shops

  13. cheapest and most reliable way is the pakistanis. but as said above, be prepared to do some monitoring.
    Nevertheless, i just want to pass u some info. flyer under my door says"Muscat Packing and Movers". 98201154/96084319. says here they r professional in shifting villas,flats and offices.
    i personally dont know them and havent called them. but u cn gv it a try...

  14. Thanks Mendel - I might just do that.

    For those that have used the Ghubra boys... can anyone give me a number from them?

  15. Hey, Sythe.
    Just be careful with Pakistani movers. We found some Pakistani guys and they agreed on 50 rials to move everything (through my sister-in-law who speaks Arabic fluently) and when they saw the white dude (Lord knows we're all as rich as Bill Gates of course!) and how much stuff we had, they changed their tune and after 2 loads in the truck said "no, no, we meant 50 rials per trip"! Yeah, whatever... If you end up needing any help moving, just let me know when and where. (I think you have my number, right?)

  16. I'm not sure what the land/property transfer laws are like there, but you might want to consider legal advice/conveyancing as well?!

  17. Hi Sythe, I know your move was back in August of last year but we just found your page. Hopefully this advice is better late than never! As moving industry professionals, the one tip we'd offer is to not necessarily choose the mover with the cheapest bid or estimate. Many disreputable companies will purposely under-bid in order to get your business, then surprise you with a higher bill once your items are on the truck. Instead, consider choosing the mover with a high weight estimate (relative to the other bids), as this shows they're more interested in accuracy than the appearance of affordability. You can check out more tips in our article here:

    Hope that helps! Feel free to contact us with any questions.

  18. I always just get Omani firends to do everything for me but that isn't much help. They shift our sattelite, create sure the acs are okay ect.

  19. Moving days always suck! But having fun people around definitely helps! :) When I move someday, wanna come help? HAHAHAHA!


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