What the? I'm 2 already!

Well time has certainly travelled fast. I'm 2 already and really am surprised I stuck with this for so long. Writing is really not my strong point, I wish I was as talented at writing as people such as The Reluctant Mum and Lino.

I'm not really too sure what to write for this birthday post, so I'll just bore you with stats about.... you.

Since July 2010, the blog has been viewed 225,019 times. 120,000 of those have come from Oman.

Thanks everyone for reading, and if you have not already, I'd really like it if you "liked" my blog on Facebook. I'm vain like that!

le fin.
What the? I'm 2 already! What the? I'm 2 already! Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Congratulations Mutts, and many happy returns!

  2. Happy birthday to you lalalalalalal!

    Well done mate on a great read!

  3. Congratulations dude! Your blog is really informative :D

  4. Congrats MM!

    - Dhofari Gucci


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