Monday, July 25, 2011
Well this weekend is shaping up quite nicely....

Wednesday night there is the Yolanda Be Cool show at the InterCon ball room, Tickets are RO 15 each and can be bought by calling 9555 5699 and finding out more details. And you can enter my competition to win free tickets to this event, I'll announce the winners tomorrow.

Then, on Thursday night, at Nuts and Bolts, there is Carnival Madness - RO 10 for a couple, RO 15 single guys and women are free. You get 2 free drinks when entering, and the party starts at 9pm.

And, hot on the heels of The Experiments party with Hed Kandi, The Experiment are bringing back a popular Bollywood dance night from 4 years ago - Bollywood Bash in partnership with Zouk. Friday night from 10pm, RO 10 with a free drink.

If you are throwing an event this weekend and want me to cover it, please email me with details and I'd be pleased to include it.

More tomorrow!

le fin.


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