An update on the Cyclone.

Just a little update for those wondering about this Cyclone Keila...

There is no cyclone at the moment, but there is a storm about 65 KM West of Mumbai. No need to worry, it probably will not even rain here.

You can check the Joint Typhoon Warning Center for accurate and up to date information specifically for the cyclone. You can also check the Weather Underground website for the weather forecast for Muscat.

So no need to worry about anything storm-related!

le fin.
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  1. There is a still a "high" likelihood of this weather system becoming a severe tropical storm within the next 24 hours, according to one meteorology report I just read. But that doesn't mean it's going to be some mega-disaster, or give any indication that it's likely to hit Muscat/Oman any time soon - or at all.

    Worth watching, but like you said, keep calm. No need to buy tinned cheese or life rafts...

  2. Yeah.....At least some rain will do us good

  3. yea.. a little rain would certainly cool off muscat.. its soo hot :O and regarding the cyclone.. you'll get a better picture here..

    Indeed, there is nothing to worry about... not right now atleast

  4. Highly unlikely we're going to get anything our way. It has been slowly tracking back toward India. We won't get any significant cloud cover let alone any rain.

  5. i wonder how the people who bought food to last for a month feel!

  6. A very good site for following tropical storms and cyclones is:

    I have used this site for both Gonu and Phet and they are very reliable and accurate. You can activate an email alert on this site also and they will then send you emails as soon as something in the area you indicated will come up, with regular updates. As you will see there is no "tropical storm" or cyclone indicated at all for our area, so people should stop referring to a cyclone, which does not exist yet! That is only spreading panic which is unfounded!


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