Just a quickie: Bubbly Brunch at the Radisson BLU

Just a quick little blog to draw attention to any bubbly drinkers:

The Radisson Blu are running just 2 more bubbly brunches before the summer break. Having personally attended one of these brunches, I can give it my stamp of approval, and because this particular blog post is aimed at non-Muslims, there is also a lovely pork roast they usually put on too, all part of the price :)

RO 17.500 and it runs from 12:30 until 3:00pm. It's worth going if you've never been before.

Enjoy the weekend!

le fin.
Just a quickie: Bubbly Brunch at the Radisson BLU Just a quickie: Bubbly Brunch at the Radisson BLU Reviewed by Sythe on Wednesday, June 08, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Maybe this is a silly question, but do they do a normal Muslim-friendly brunch? In ten years I have to say I've never eaten there...what's it like?

  2. brunch is fab - go with a group of friends and indulge! is great for birthday parties and civilised lazy celebrations. Enjoy xx

  3. Are you kidding?

    The last time I ate at the Radisson's Olivos buffet, I had food poisoning, and two other friends of mine got struck with it also! It is also incredibly expensive for a really crappy hotel, especially compared to whats on offer at Barr Al Jissa, and the service is really, really poor.

  4. @anonymous - you're right. The service and standard at the Radisson is awful. I waited half an hour for one Turkish coffee and I was the only one in the place. Didn't even get an apology. Poor customer service seems to be rife here.

  5. Ahhhhhhhhh Sythe.
    Don't pidgeon hole our Muslim brothers.
    Plenty of them love a tipple. And some are even partial to a bacon sandwich!

    The Radical Muslim
    (Because "radical" can go either way!)

  6. To both the anonymous posts above: I can add to a long list of woes at the Radisson. It seems that they had a lot of new management come in, but it resulted in nothing. I think the service and attitude from the staff is probably 10 times worse than it was 5 years ago. They had great tribute acts out in the garden many years ago and I remember the Queen tribute show was amazing. Service was bad then, but not like it is today. Truly disappointing. One day a few months back I met the Rad general manager and he was so arrogant and rude so I decided not to go back there. The sister hotel (Parkinn) is much better and much cheaper, and I have met the general manager there several times. He is a very nice man.


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