Summer packages at hotels in Muscat

As something of a semi-regular feature here on Muscat Mutterings, I've prepared a round-up of the local offers for residents of the Sultanate to consider this summer. My personal favourite this year is the offer with The Chedi. A night and breakfast, plus a 10% discount at The Restaurant and 20% discount on treatments at their spa for RO 76.000 is my pick of the bunch this year. Also of note is the Crowne Plaza - RO 55.000 + taxes for 2 including breakfast.

Anyway, on with the round up.

The Park Inn

The Park Inn are offering special club memberships over the summer (even though their pool appears to be closed 22 hours a day!) along with discounts at their restaurants. No word on room rate specials.

Next up is the Al Bustan Palace. RO 135 (+ 17% tax) gets you a room for the night, dinner at the Al Khiran Terrace and breakfast the following day. I did this last year and had a great time - the infinity pool is very nice :)


RO 69.000 plus taxes (17%) for a  room and breakfast for 2, 25% discount in all restaurants and spa treatments too, and early check in and late check out.
The Chedi

My favourite for this summer - RO 76.000 (+17%) including breakfast with a 10% discount at The Restaurant and 20% discount off the spa treatments.You can upgrade your rooms as well.

The Hyatt

Again no word on special room rates at the Hyatt but there are plenty of brunches/buffets/musical events on in their facilities. Also, for most balls held there, a special room rate of RO 50.000 for 2 for the night is usually offered.

Barr Al Jissah

BAJ have won an award of "Best resort in the world" from Ultratravel magazine. Now, normally when companies here win awards, it can sometimes be of, shall we say, dubious in nature? Usually the company that owns the hotel (or restaurant, or mobile phone provider, etc) is some how connected to the entity giving the award. However, Ultratravel magazine is circulated with the Daily Telegraph in the UK and thus I'm fairly sure based on what people actually think when voting.

To celebrate this award, BAJ are offering 50% off their regular rates right across the board in all rooms in all three hotels.

The Radisson BLU

In a somewhat different spin on things, the Radisson BLU are offering something slightly different... stay 1 night at the Muscat location (for 2 people, with breakfast) and get a free room for 2 at the Dubai Mall location. RO 99++.

The Crowne Plaza

The Crowne are offering rooms for RO 55.000 plus 17% taxes, including breakfast with that offer. It's the cheapest deal of the round up!

Anyway - I hope this helps you all make your summer weekend break decisions!

le fin.
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  1. Great stuff - a community service of the first order! Now, how about family day/week/month club memberships? People with children coming for summer hols might be interested...

    If not I'll just have to call them myself :)

  2. It's going to be either the Al Bustan or Shangri-La..or both...:)

  3. Lino - some of the hotels are doing discounted memberships, Park Inn for one that I can think of. I'm not sure about tintercon/hyatt/crowne.

    OCI - I've never stayed at the shang, perhaps I'll make it over there this Ramadan.

  4. Offfffff too expensive for me as Omani...
    i will stick at home as usual...
    400 rials as monthly salary doesn't really help these days...
    hmmm working over time could solve the issue but guess what my company doesn't have allowances for over time same as most of companies in Oman...
    offfff how to get a relaxed time in this country? don't wanna burn in the sun and heat so....
    Set at home is my only option...

  5. Anonymous -

    All I can do to help is try and get more free stuff from people to give away on the blog!

    Some of the best time's I've had here has been just walking around looking at stuff - which costs nothing.

  6. Thanks Sythe! useful stuff as usual...freebies always welcomed :) all properties posted have beautiful beaches and thats the place to be :) lets go people!

  7. The Shangri-La is the best however I agree with Sythe on The Chedi offer :) The Radisson offer seems to be a joke. Why would I want to spend RO 99 to stay in Al Khuwair? The pool area at the hotel is so bad. Especially if you compare it to the Crowne Plaza, Intercon, Shangri-la or Chedi. You get a room for free in Dubai?! So what, I can book the new Radisson in Dubai online for AED 659 including breakfast for 2!! I think the Management team at the Radisson need to re-think their summer campaign, maybe offer an awesome F&B discount (pool & rooms are not tempting!) for local residents. They should also invest in a decent copywriter for their ad. It should read that you can stay AT one of their hotels instead of IN one of their hotels.


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