This and that.

Well what a week it has been.

We've successfully completed one poll, and discovered that none of you reading my blog even appear to know that the Oman Observer newspaper even exists!

The results from the next readers-poll are still out - but it looks like Hi FM are on their way to winning this one - we shall have a re-poll in a month or so's time to see how things are going. I do have to say that I was listening to Oman FM 90.4 the other day and was actually impressed. It appears that the Ewoks (read my Radio Wars blogs) are getting themselves sorted out - lovely jingles!

And of course, the biggest news (at least on my blog) this week: Merge FM have launched and, according to my new electronic friend, Lino, I've successfully taken a bribe sponsorship. And much like another one of my very good friends, Suburban, has said: I intend to spend the money on liquor, fast cars and prostitutes. Well, I'll piss it up against the wall, I don't think it'd stretch to even a half-day rental of a Porche (do they even rent them out here?), and to be honest I prefer to have my horizontal refreshment with my outrageously attractive wife. By the way, if you happen to own a Porche, I'd love to have a go driving one!

I've a few blogs coming up: An update to the Cost of Living, an article about a successful (globally) Omani business - Raha, and also a round-up of all the Summer Specials for the hotels in town. I'm also thinking about writing the next instalment the Radio Wars saga soon. Look for them in the coming weeks!

The HSBC blog seems to have finally slowed down, that was fun. I received some exciting news yesterday that "Dave" from HSBC managed to find a more productive job with Galfar, see below for a snap of him at his new job, and even being 83% more productive than he was at HSBC!

I would say I think he has a bright future.

There's not a lot going on this weekend; there is of course, the comedy gig tonight Whos line is it anyway? which starts at 9pm (doors open at 8).

Have a great weekend!

le fin.
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  1. And HSBC just pulled out of sponsoring the MRFC young rugby players at the last minute so even less reason to bother with them.

  2. thanks Sythe for all the updates, good job!...cheers MM :)

  3. Yey for updates! I am particularly looking forward to your review of the hotel offers :) I think a side note on how quickly I got back to you should be a must! :) Just kidding (kind of...)
    Have a good weekend ahead!

  4. The thing about your poll is you might have written "paper you PREFER to read" as I'm often left without a choice. I PREFER Muscat Daily but because it's so good, most stores are sold out when I go to purchase a paper. I can always be sure to find plenty of copies of Times of Oman or the Oman Tribune on the shelf, haha. I think I'll subscribe to M.D. once we get back from holiday! Looking forward to your update on the cost of living post. Cheers!

  5. Maybe more of his colleagues will follow!


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