Today is Earth Hour, and paper waste here in Oman.

Firstly, this evening between 8.30 and 9.30 remember to turn off all electric appliances if you dont need them. Remember that TV's, phone chargers and hi-fi's still use a significant amount of power even when put on standby!

And secondly - a local blogger here in Oman has written a great article on recycling paper here in the Sultanate. Go and read all about it here. Maria Ocean is helping to spread the word about a paper recycling scheme, and she has some contact information for anyone with significant amounts of paper waste to call and have their paper picked up.

Finally - it seems the petrol situation is now resolved, Shell trucks appear to be delivering again.

le fin.
Today is Earth Hour, and paper waste here in Oman. Today is Earth Hour, and paper waste here in Oman. Reviewed by Sythe on Saturday, March 26, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Thank you for yet another useful post! I have long wondered how developed the concept of recycling is in Oman and it's definitely a relief that measures are being taken to minimize waste. For the last few months I have been collecting newspapers at work (and we a ton!) and dropping them off at the pet shop in Sabco shopping center. the employees are happy to receive them and the newspapers are then used for all the cages.

  2. Thanx Mr.Sythe for mentioning it :)
    hope more people contribute to these initiatives for a greener Oman ;)

  3. Thanxs Mr.Sythe for recommending our we can proudly say that we are the only service in oman who collects waste from residence and be it any quantity.

    If any lover of the environment wants to contribute papers.we are just a call away

    For Further information and collection pls contact
    Information: 95921486(zohena)
    collection: 97072911 (Nadir)

  4. Good post Mr Sythe and helpful for those who want to recycle. Here are some more organisations (and numbers) who can help you recycle paper in Muscat.

    AFR Trading & Contracting
    Contact person: GV Panicker
    Phone: 92377178

    Apex Press and Publishing
    (8am-6pm from Saturdays to Wednesdays, 9am-1pm on Thursdays)
    Toll free no: 80076000
    Mobile: 98822881

    Khalfan bin Saif al Hinai Trading
    Contact person: Binu Varghese
    Phone: 99066079

    Zenath Oman
    Contact person: Fazal Mohamed
    Phone: 24876747


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