Just a quickie: Fuel being rationed

Just a quick item to share with you all this afternoon. It appears that the fuel truck drivers that deliver the fuel to all of the petrol stations here in Oman are on strike. As a result of this, fuel stations have already started rationing drivers to a maximum of RO 5.000 per visit.

No word on when this will be rectified, but I'll share more news when I get it.

Update: It seems so far to be limited to Shell stations only.

le fin.
Just a quickie: Fuel being rationed Just a quickie: Fuel being rationed Reviewed by Sythe on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 Rating: 5


Engram said...

Oman Oil petrol pump guy was telling that Shell petrol employees are on strike but then most of us in our office got the message to fill up our car tanks... so we all did so this evening !!!

Anonymous said...

Any update?
i just read :( didnt fill the car :((

Anonymous said...

Any news on the fuel situation? I'm due to arrive in Oman from UK and will be driving a lot around the country (or maybe not!)

Sythe said...

No new news really.

They are still on strike, but driving around town today I saw plenty of people still getting fuel.

Anonymous said...

Oman Oil is busy, but full of fuel.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully back to normal, Shell at Qurum open and serving. Delivery truck just arrived.

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