Oman Forum back up

Just a small post to update those of you who are wondering what has happened to Oman Forum. A few days ago, the forum was hacked by an unknown person or group of people. Rather than your standard "ha ha we hacked you" bragging, it appears that the damage is much more significant, and so a lot of work has had to be done.

"Neo" the forum's chief administrator has been working over the weekend with his technician and the forum is now back up, pending a few further changes to the look and feel of the forum. Back to normal then!

le fin.

Oman Forum back up Oman Forum back up Reviewed by Sythe on Saturday, March 26, 2011 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Thanks, was wondering where it went.

TheOmaniBrit said...

I really don't understand the appeal of hacking. What do you actually get out of it?! Idiots. Glad OF is up and running. OB

egg face said...

hacked again. this is a serious breach, I'd make sure you use a unique password on that site going forward (i.e., not one that is shared with any other accounts you may have online).

Anonymous said...

Nadia, u may not publish my comments of sending the indian expats back home, but u cannot stop times of oman from publishing it.

Guyz u may wanna look at the following link

Anonymous said...

what is all this about?

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