Trouble at the airport?

Well, as reported here last October, Bechtel were awarded the MC3 Contract (pictured above) for the main terminal building portion of the airport. However, there appears to be a few problems, as evidenced by the distinct lack of presence of Bechtel working here yet.

And yes, to the nit-pickers, it's a consortium led by Bechtel, including Enka and BEC.

Rumours are flying around that Bechtel are refusing to start work on site until the Contract is officially signed (which makes sense), but that they are making a lot of demands in the Contract and want a lot of concessions. I understand that Bechtel want to change the Contract length, rules about penalties for delay and numerous other elements. I don't know the specifics about this, and I'm sure some of you know more, but from where I'm standing I'm wondering why on earth Bechtel have not mobilized yet - so there must be some truth to these whisperings.

It has even been whispered that the Client (Ministry of Transport & Communication) may have been questioning why they awarded the job to Bechtel. Who really knows? Only a select few I guess.

I wonder what will happen next? Will the package be re-tendered? Will Bechtel get the concessions they demand? Will J&P or CCC have the opportunity to re-commence negotiations?

Time will tell I guess.

le fin.
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Anonymous said...

I think this has now been signed,but BEC has no manpower and they are under heavy financial problems because of taking up overloadsof projects.

Many of the major suppliers have stopped the credit facility to BEC,

Majority of the LV and control system sub contracts are yet to be awarded and many substandard systems are being proposed to COWI and got rejected.

Bechtel are only project managers for this job I belive,they will just manage and ENKA do teh CIVL + BEC doing the MEP.

They were awarded this contract at much higher price than J&P and CCC,reason being technically superior - then how can they propose substandard products and get rejected.

Anonymous said...

Is this true ??????

Anonymous said...

Muscat airport has so many Delays. Due to poor Management design, design, design.
Infrastructure works should have never started. Before the PTB and Control Tower.
Prolongation to the project will be 6-7 years.
Exasperate the Client, and cost the government a fortune. So everyone Dig in. from the external Consultant

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