Weekend activities.

What a busy week it's been, catching up after the Eid al Adha holidays. Many thought we would be granted more day's off, but lets face it - it was nice to get even 1 day off in this amazing weather.

Tomorrow evening see's the arrival of the Queen Elizabeth here in Oman - for a 4 day (3 night) state visit to the Sultanate after a 2 day (1 night) state visit to the UAE. There are rumours floating around town that last weekend Prince William visited HM Qaboos in a private meeting - it's just a rumour though, nothing solid on that! You can see more on the planned itinerary on the official website of The British Monarchy here.

So, on with the blog. Here's a selection of things going on this weekend that you might be interested in:
1/ Harry Potter. Another instalment of this money printing press franchise has been released this week. It's on at the Shatti cinema at least 3 times a day - not sure if they are doing the 3D screening though. Please comment if you know if they are or not.... :)

2/ The Commitments. Irish Soul band... sort of - entertaining both musically and comedically - tickets are still available - RO 15 - doors open at 8pm tonight at the Copacabana in the Hyatt.
3/ The Muscat boy's are playing the Royal Navy's HMS Cumberland at the Muscat Rugby ground on Thursday at 6:30pm. It'll be a fun game and as usual there will be a bbq afterwards.
4/ On Friday, between 4-8pm there is the second chill-out session at the rugby club. Pay 10 rials, get 10 drinks (bottled beers or glasses of wine). There's a bbq on offer as well. It'll be a nice warm-up for the next item...

5/ Bollywood Friday's at Zouk. Starting this Friday at 8pm, a bit of fun - Bollywood nights at Zouk. I have high expectations of a group dancing around the club in synchronized perfection. Perhaps I've been watching too much Glee again.

Now don't forget to enter for the free tickets give-away to Bryan Adams next month - I'll randomly pick a name out of a hat on Friday afternoon, and depending on how my Friday goes, I'll either announce the winner on Friday evening or Saturday morning! Please remember to leave a way for me to contact you if you choose to leave a comment.
And lastly, a very warm welcome to the blogosphere to a new blogger: Ms Adventures of the hilarious new "local" blog - Misadventures in HR (not to be confused with "hoomin resource"). She's one seriously funny writer, who lives in "Sand Land" but I'm going to say she lives with us here in Oman, and if she doesn't, I will still say she does! Go and read her stuff. It had me in tears!

Enjoy another fantastic Omani winter weekend. Next week, something about buses. Stay tuned.

le fin.
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  1. It looks like VIPs going into Afghanistan fly in there is whatever is an appropriate aircraft – then hop over into Oman – change planes – fly out – as Bill Clinton did when he became the only current US Pres to visit Oman
    Prince William was very reliably spotted in Oman last week - perhaps giving a personal invite to the doooo

  2. Thanks for the tip on HR misadventures - seriously great stuff. I'm updating my blog list!

    She must be in Oman...

  3. I found her yesturday off of your blog roll so thanks;)

  4. The first part of Deathly Hallows isn't in 3D as they didn't have time to do it before release. They are planning to do it for the second part though - shame cus 3D is rubbish here!

    That HR blog is hilarious. :)

  5. Anon - I just read the same in the news - you beat me to it!

  6. Thanks for the ideas, its realy help :)

  7. hey sythe how are you budy... man this bollywood night is in zauk right and could u plz give me the information about the Entry Fee and details .... so that would be great man and my contact number is " 99667945 " " Malik fazal " is my name okay budy do contact me about details okay


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