Thank you to all of you who entered, there were more of you than I expected!

Under the tried and tested method of asking a person to pick a number at random (with no knowledge of why they were doing this) lucky entrant "B" has won the 2 tickets to Bryan Adams this 18th December at the InterCon gardens.

Tickets are still on sale, and cost RO 25 each, you can get them at all the usual spots: OUA MQ, Bose in QCC, the Al Ghazal Pub and of course you can visit the Hi FM website for more details.

In other news, rumour has it that there may be a day or two's holiday called for the end of this week..... who knows though?

Thanks to everyone for taking part.... perhaps I'll give away a couple more tickets soon... ;)

le fin.
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Anonymous said...

when are the national day holidays...+ new year holiday

B said...

Yipeeeeee!! I'm soo happy. Thanks :)

Mimi said...

Congrats B ;]

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