Bryan Adams - Free tickets!

Unless you've been living in a hole recently, you will almost certainly know that Bryan Adams is coming to town on December 18th.

With special thanks to Darren from Hi FM, I am pleased to offer a pair of tickets for free (that's my favourite price by the way) to a lucky reader here on my blog.

You can enter by either leaving a comment, or by sending me an email. If you leave a comment, please leave a way for me to contact you, and if you are looking for my email - it's in the top right corner of this blog in my disclaimer. I'll announce the winner on Friday!

Tickets are selling very quickly, and if you would prefer to purchase your tickets, you can get them here: OUA (Madinat Qaboos), SCS (Azaiba), Bose (Qurum City Centre) or Al Ghazal (InterContinental Hotel). Better hurry though, they are running out!

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  1. Andddd lemmme be the first one to participate :-D I want the tickets !!!

    u can contact me on kpawankumar at gmail dot com

  2. *jumping up and down*
    ME ME ME!!! pick me!!! :)

    Sythe your give aways are amazing... :)Thank you

    I emailed you my email addy!

  3. Great giveaway Sythe! Thanks Darren!

    angryoman at

    **fingers crossed**

  4. "Here I am...this is me"....."Do I have to say the words"..." Everything I do" because.. "We gonna win"..and that will put me on "Cloud nine" ...and .."This time"..."Let's make a night to remember" please let me win the tickets XXXX

  5. I love Bryan Adams. Really I do! It is a culture thing from back home but so many moments in life are on that sountrack.

  6. YAAAAY!! I've found a way to make an easy buck! Give them to me so I can sell them (for a profit) to unsuspecting ppl who wait until the last minute to purchase tickets :)

    You'll be doing the Omani economy a favor, investing in SMEs (that's me)


    Contact me via Twitter :)

  7. Just give them to me 200th like on FB - Janan

  8. I want I want!!!! I never win ANYTHING!!! prove me wrong and let me win this!!

  9. is it worth a ferrari california??? ;-)

    (I think you know how to contact me)! .. ??

  10. Who doesn't love a freebie :)
    Yes please, would love to be in the running.

    I figure you may know how to contact me if I'm the lucky one - cheers Sythe!

  11. you've got more knickers flying at you than bryan adams

  12. Me, me, me, me:-)

    I am a big big fan, seriously. I don't know who is going to sit my 2 year old, but please please please pick me.

    You can find me at

    Make my day:-)

  13. i really hope u can make my day today :D i hope to win the ticket =]

  14. Here I am
    This is me
    There's nowhere else on earth I'd rather be
    Here I am
    It's just me and you
    Tonight make dreams come true

    Give me the tickets Puhleeeeeeeeze

  15. Count me in. Its me B. My email is

  16. well luck never comes near to by any chance ..
    but that wont let me stop trying
    after all I wont lose anything :)

    here is my e-mail :

    p.s my name is Munther :p

  17. Ticket tickets tickets!! I waaaaaaaaaaant!!

    Thanks for the offer Sythe!

  18. East To West. Bryan Adams HELL YEA!!!! Is The Best!!!!!

    :) :D...........

  19. I would looove the tickets and also would like to know - how is the Beach Games Site going ??


  21. Sythe,
    Wouldn't it be only fair to give all Canadians entering this draw some kind of advantage? ;-)
    Sign me up!
    Keep up the great work! (and the free tickets coming, ha!ha!)

  22. One is for me (that's for sure)
    The other one please give it to a blond who would like to join me in the concert

  23. one here please.

  24. I'm Canadian and I've never had a chance to see him. Hoping to win :)


  25. put us in for the draw - 123orion - email

    are you still up for us playing the rugby club - 23 december? text Jon to let him know what you think or suggest another date - doesn't have to be a Thursday...

  26. let me try my luck on this too!! i really want to go!!

  27. i am the one.

    the ticket is mine.

  28. guys can any1 tell me 4m whr i can get ticket in Azaiba????.....& wht is this SCS???

  29. Thanks everyone for commenting, I think this one was a record for me :)

    Irfan -

    You can get tickets here:

    - MHD land Rover in Azabia

    - Bose, Qurum City Centre

    - Al Ghazal, InterContinental Hotel

    - OUA, Madinat Qaboos

    Or, you can call 9555 5699 for more details

  30. ♪♫ This is it! ♪♫
    ♪♫ Oh, I finally found someone ♪♫
    ♪♫ Someone who give me the ticket ♪♫
    ♪♫ I finally found the one ♪♫
    ♪♫ to be with in this concert ♪♫


  31. corny but it's true, everything i do i'll do it for u, if u give me the tickets, pretty please.

  32. Was planning to go to Dubai earlier just in case Bryan Adams forgot that a place call Muscat existed !!! Happy to know that he's coming here

  33. wish i cud get a chance to see bryan adams....but i guess i dont have that much mone to buy those tickets....
    luv bryan

  34. wish i cud get a chance to see bryan adams....but i guess i dont have that much money to buy those tickets....
    luv bryan


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