Something fun for the weekend.

Tonight, as you will know from my previous blog, is the rugby team's fund raiser event: Comedy night. It costs RO 10, you get a complimentary drink, and it will help support local comedians and local rugby player (also arguably comedians). The last time this was done, it was a great night. You can buy tickets on the door, and call 9577 4018 for more info.

I was having lunch in a local restaurant in Al Khuwair recently, and snapped this amusing picture:
Points if you can tell me which restaurant the picture was taken in!

Now, long time Omani blog followers may remember Other Oman, and her post about Ken Block. Well, Ken's made another video. Man that guy can drive, he might even survive here on the mean streets of Muscat (assuming he can master the 1 wheel at a time over speed bumps thing).

le fin.
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ynotoman said...

well I never -
the boys in the Sharquiyah need to watch this
unless their wheelies are done around a stationary Camel!

Expat Mummy said...

Is it just me, or is the Indian Ambassador conspicuous by his absence from all the social pages at the moment?

o manny x pat said...

I have a friend who is good friends with the editor of Y magazine who told me the Y guy was the only editor selected out of the region to interview Ken Block and another famous F1 driver at Abu Dhabi, i'm waiting to see what comes of it. Block is amazing! car control is everything and fear is nothing!

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