Rugby Team Fundraiser: Comedy Night

Those of you that remember the last comedy night held at the Rugby Club will remember how much fun it was. They're doing it again, this time to raise funds for away trips. And this time, for your RO 10, you also get a free complimentary drink!

The bar's prices are significantly cheaper than the prices found at the Craic Attack events, and they support home-grown local Omani talent (as well as a few imported residents). Call 9577 4018 for more information and to buy tickets, it will be a fun night, and you'll help support two local groups with your patronage.

Also, there will be a raffle with more prizes to be won, including dinner for two at the Raddisson, Oman Mobile internet dongles and many more things - tickets for the raffle are RO 1 each!

le fin.
Rugby Team Fundraiser: Comedy Night Rugby Team Fundraiser: Comedy Night Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, November 01, 2010 Rating: 5


  1. Hiya. Your post sez the price is 1 Rial. It's 10.
    I've a group of friends I wanna take, but I fear I'll foot the bill! :)

  2. Hi Kerfuffly!

    The entry tickets are RO 10, and you get a complementary drink with entry. The raffle tickets are RO 1 each... I'm sorry for any confusion!

    Please do come along, the last one was a lot of fun!


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