Friday fun

Those of you that enjoyed the British Corner at the Intercon over the summer will be pleased to hear that it's back!

Back by popular demand this Friday's brunch at the Intercontinental
Muscat will be focusing on a British corner with all the usual healthy

Also look out for the new executive Sous chef Neil Wilkinson and taste
his traditional slow roasted rib of beef with Yorkshire puddings.
Please book in advance if you're coming as its going to be busy.

It starts at 12:30 and costs RO 14.500 ++.

Also, there is a new night club in the Al Falaj hotel (where the fabulous Tokyo Taro is) that has opened recently called Nuts and Bolts. From what I understand, it's themed similarly to Jack Rabbit Slim's from the hit movie Pulp Fiction. They open at 8pm tonight, worth a look in.

Enjoy the weekend!

le fin.
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  1. Yorkshire puddings...that's the best news I've heard all week! : )

  2. I see that The Wave has been awarded another award.
    Can anybody ask them why it takes more than a year to get the title deed to the property at The Wave? People with no labour card can not obtain the residence visa until this has been done and have to pay OMR 20 every month for the tourist visa!!!


  3. Will surely check out Nuts and Bolts during my next visit to Muscat

  4. The "fabulous" Tokyo Taro?! Only someone who has never eaten in a real Japanese restaurant would ever think to use that adjective. So many other descriptions come to my mind, like "fourth-rate," "run-down", "pathetic," "rip-off", and my favorite, "ignorant clientele will never know the difference."

  5. Bit harsh Jean....OK it's not Nobu but pathetic ripoff ?? By Muscat standards I think Tokyo Taro's not bad at all.....

  6. Jean Its Muscat not Tokyo. It's quiet, I enjoy the food and and the view, and I think it's cheap for Muscat. Each to their own, thanks for your comment!

  7. Wow Jean, tell us how your REALLY feel lol!

    But seriously, we aren't spoilt for choice when it comes to Japanese restaurants in Muscat...and we aren't going to get any more if we don't support the ones we have, given the powers to be will assume that there is no demand for it.

    How about you offer some solutions instead of problems?

  8. Hey - what solutions could I offer? I'm not a Japanese chef or a rich Omani who could open an authentic restaurant! It's expensive to hire a good Japanese chef and import real Japanese cooking ingredients. And I'm not sure that a professional Japanese chef would be very happy living in Muscat anyway, as there is not much of a Japanese community here, apart from the Ambassador, his family, and his embassy staff. Whoever owns Tokyo Taro would need feel a commitment to providing an authentic, quality experience for his diners, but if enough locals are willing to pay for what's on offer now, where's the incentive? I think a real Korean restaurant would be a big hit too - spicy hot and lots of meat dishes, but will that ever happen?

  9. P.S. I'm not really such a grump, but I lived in Japan and Korea for many years and I really know and miss the food. And I ate in friendly little family-run restaurants, not expensive, flashy places like Nobu. That's not the kind of restaurant I had in mind...

  10. Jean, FYI - The manager of Tokyo Taro is Japanese, and has lived here for over 20 years.

  11. Maybe that accounts for the lousy food.


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