Eid holidays announced.

The Eid holidays have now been announced for the Government sector, expect to see it in the papers tomorrow.

For those hard working Government boys and girls, they are getting the entire week off next week - 11-09-2010 to 15-09-2010.

For the Private sector workers, Saturday - Tuesday has been given as holidays, with a return to work on Wednesday - 11-09-2010 to 14-09-2010.

Not a bad result, that.

le fin.
Eid holidays announced. Eid holidays announced. Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, September 06, 2010 Rating: 5


Delirious in the Desert said...

fan-bloody-tastic I say :)

Anonymous said...

Couldn't they have given us just one more day to make it a week???

Anonymous said...

I think u wanna say 11-09-2010... not 11-10-2010 ;)

Anonymous said...

Well - we've had an announcement from our HR that it's for the whole of next week for the private sector - so great news!

Pawan said...

hey :-D sorry for being skewed by a day in my assumptions in the holidays yesterday ;-)
Well sounds like a long weekend for me.. and nice holiday for you ! :D

Mimi said...

I'm sick of long holidays. I want to go back to university! *sighs*

But I have to say Happy Eid/holiday, everyone.

zeyadsalem said...

Not bad at all :))
Enjoy your vacation everyone , any suggestions on what can be done in Eid?

Anonymous said...

Wednesday a working day for private..? does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

Better than the UAE. They got the weekend off!

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