Competition! Dan Zak @ T'Intercon Thursday Sept 16th

Next Thursday at the InterContinental hotel gardens, Dan Zak will be performing. You can read all about him (if you don't already know of him) on his official Facebook FAN PAGE here, and his Facebook Celeb Verified account here. He's an East-African guy (born in Tanzania) with a strong Omani connection, and has recently returned to Oman. You can listen to some of his stuff on his MySpace page, here.

Dan's style is RnB and he signed up to Akon's Hitlab website some time ago. He held the number 1 spot on Hitlab for an impressive 8 weeks (longer than anyone else to date) and has since built a pretty impressive following (over 7250 fans on Facebook).

Tickets are RO 15 a pop, and are on sale right now through the usual outlets (Bose store in QCC, HiFM & Intercon Box Office).

But if you either comment below, or send me an email, you could win one of two PAIRS of tickets!

If you choose to comment below, please leave a method of contacting you. It's much better to send me an email.

Email your contact information to: mrsythe @

The prize draw will be made early on Thursday morning, so make sure you enter! Remember - it's free to enter, I won't keep or sell your information for any reason except to tell you that you've won some tickets - You've got to be in it to win it!

le fin.
Competition! Dan Zak @ T'Intercon Thursday Sept 16th Competition! Dan Zak @ T'Intercon Thursday Sept 16th Reviewed by Sythe on Sunday, September 05, 2010 Rating: 5


  1. His music is awful, Sythe. Just AWFUL.

  2. lol @ Nadia...that's the spirit, way to help make this exciting for someone!

  3. Isn't music a matter of taste, I am guessing the 7000 odd facebook fans disagree with you, I am not a big fan of RnB but anything promotes local talent surely can't be bad!
    But I guess we all have our own tastes!

    Has to be said well done to HiFm for trying to promote local acts.

  4. danzak dont you just love urbandictionary

    buy danzak mugs, tshirts and magnetsa marvellous word created by Mario that can mean literally anything you want it to, and be used in a sentence at any point - even if totally meaningless... often used by people who might also be prone to saying "beaut", "praper" and "peeking".
    "Im peeking like a proper danzak"

    "Im gonna danzak into town later"

    "Fancy a danzak after work?!"

    "I was going to the post office the other day yeh, danzak, and i bought some stamps"

  5. he desperately needs a lyricist....i mean, "Omani Queen"....that just hilarious...disgustingly hilarious... "what you hiding under that Abaya, you set my soul on fire" ..... are you for real? how corny is that!
    ooh ooh... and then there's the contradictory "wifey" where he's looking for a wifey that can cook like his mom and respect the abaya...or something on those lines!! he's unbearable!!
    the only credit i can give him is for "head shoulders knees and toes" least my kids now know their body parts well!!

  6. I love his stuff!

    Sign me up for the tickets!!!!!!!

  7. Yaaaaaiii :D I'm exciiiiited
    I'm so going to his concert!
    he is Hot, talented and determined!
    You who talk a lot sound like absolute haters, judging danzak for when he first started??? Right now he stands somewhere else, and ppffffff I don't even need to say much, his product is self explanatory! be proud that an omani is standing out there doing his thing and fighting for it... yaaaaaiii!I love you danzak

  8. Mixed response so far -

    Please remember to leave a method of contacting if you wish to be considered for the prize draw :)

    And hey - it's live entertainment here in Muscat, and R&B at that... let's not hate on the guy so much ;)

  9. HMMM interesting comments i see
    well DanZak your omani and your doing the best you can and we will support you all the way Haters are everywhere but the more they hate the better we get :)

    from your boy jay al kharusi

  10. I wanna win :-)

    *fingers crossed* !



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