Asian Beach Games

The Asian Beach Games is fast approaching - 92 days to go - 3 months. December 8 - 16th will mark the event in what is expected to be a well attended games.

But the questions continue to come.

The official website talks about the Al Musannah Sports City, which amongst other things, will house as Athletes' Village. Take a look at the pictures recently sent to me below.

You can click on them to open up in a larger screen for a clearer view.

The Athlete's Village is supposed to be between where the picture was taken, and the buildings in the distance (serviced apartments, and a 4* hotel). Except....... you got it - there's no athletes accommodation to be seen. 3 months to go, and the work for the athletes accommodation has not even started on site.

Sources tell me that all of the serviced apartments and hotel rooms have been booked out by dignitaries / sponsors of the event. So the people actually playing in the games won't be staying there then either.

So where are these players going to be staying? There's a few rumours flying around:

1/ They will be put up in the Blue City labour camp, 20 minutes down the road. Possibly, I guess. I doubt the teams would be too happy about that.

2/ They will be put up in various hotels in the area. This is a no-go I think - where are the tourists - the very people Oman is hoping to attract by running this event - going to stay? Plus there is politics to consider - what if you put one team in one hotel and another in another hotel of a different standard, or distance to the games... I don't think this option has any credence at all.

3/ Tent city (or portacabin city). I think this is the most probable option, but who knows?

Do you have any observations? Whatever they do, I imagine they're working hard on getting it done!

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le fin.
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Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

I am ALL about the handball. I am excited for the games, whether we embarass ourselves over accomodation or not.

Thats What I said...

Some are booked in at Al Bustan (VVIPs only)
There is also a site at Bandar Jissah for Marathon Swimming and Jet Ski (what would they have done if the super luxury housing was being built)
Notice boards there suggest that there will be structure – but nothing has been started (portacabins do spring to mind as an option there)
So all very mysterious.
It will be good to have the games, no doubt, but better to have a success
but look at what seems to be happening over the water

Thats What I said...

Any updates about the site
the athletes from Commonwealth countries who are coming look as if they will have an interesting time in Delhi

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